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Airolite AAC Insulation Panels

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Airolite insulation panels systems consist of large planks manufactured in plants using special lightweight concrete. AAC is made with all fine aggregates, nothing more coarse than a grain of sand, cement and a natural expansion agent that causes the concrete to rise like bread dough, with countless small air pockets. The factory can mold it and cut it into precisely dimensioned panel units. While block-size units for walls are most common, it can also be cast into reinforced panels for walls, floors and roofs.

Radiant Heating : One major advantage of using a concrete floor system is that you can easily install a radiant heating system - one of the most efficient ways of heating a home. Most systems use flexible tubes embedded in concrete. A special heater pumps water through the tubes and heats the slab. Heat radiates from the sla resulting in a quiet, comfortable home.

Standard Sizes of Panels :

  • Thickness : 100/125/150/200 MM Length : 600 MM Height : 600 MM
  • Thickness : 150/200/300 MM Length : 1700 MM Height : 600 MM


Features :

  • Cost effective :  Speed of installation results in cost savings compared to traditional masonry construction
  • Speed of construction :  Fast installation and assembly speeds with smaller construction crew requirements
  • Fire protection :  Panels are non-combustible and won’t burn. Can provide bush fire hazard reduction.
  • Design flexibility :  Patterns and designs can be routed into the panels.
  • Different wall configurations :  Allows for relief on large walls.
  • Footings : Smaller and quicker footings to be installed than other masonry barriers.
  • Acoustic performance :  High acoustic rating, effective sound transmission barrie